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A Quick Camping Trip To Crowders Mountain

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Crowders Mountain State Park - One of the most beautiful and scenic mountains in the world is right in Gastonia's backyard. If you love hiking, you'll love Crowders Mountain. Companion peaks at Crowders Mountain State Park, the pinnacle of Crowders Mountain, offers challenging hikes, towering cliffs and 25-mile views of the surrounding piedmont. The Ridgeline Trail is one of the eleven challenging trails which links to Kings Mountain Military Park in South Carolina. A 9-acre lake is a great spot for fishing or canoeing. A quick camping trip to Crowders Mountain is a great way to disconnect and relax.

Crowders Mountain State Park is a 5,210-acre (21.1 km2) North Carolina state park in Gaston County, North Carolina in the United States. It is near Kings Mountain, North Carolina and on the outskirts of Gastonia, North Carolina, it includes the peaks of Crowder's Mountain and The Pinnacle.

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